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Ward Cunningham

I've been writing in federated wiki for six years now and have learned a few things about making it work well. Like riding a bicycle, writing here is easy to do but hard to learn. And like the bicycle, just talking about riding doesn't really convey the experience.

So here I have made an experience for you. Think of it as an adventure game. And and at the end we will all win.

Start Playing Wiki

Wiki is a hypertext. When you click a link you will go to that page. Here we have arranged the pages like rooms in an adventure game. There are things you can do here but you can just zoom through without doing any of them. Then maybe you will play again and do some things. Play it lots of times. You will get good at it.

This is a solitaire game. You play alone. No one can see you playing. When you are ready to share your skills, and the writing you've done learning the skills, the federation is waiting. That's when we all win.